What Happens During a Boiler Service?

It’s important to ensure that the engineer is qualified to carry out the work. If you have a gas boiler then the engineer must by authorised and regulated by the Gas Safe register. Here you can have some peace of mind knowing that all engineers employed by Home Response 360 are Gas Safety Registered.

Here are some of the practices your engineer may carry out during their visit:

    • Visual inspection – your engineer will check that the boiler still meets current standards and requirements and look for any corrosion or leaks. They will also visually check the flame in your boiler.
    • Removal of the boiler casing – they will then check the components to ensure everything is working correctly and then clean the inside of the boiler. These checks should include the heat exchanger, burner, main injector and spark probe.
    • Flue check – the engineer will ensure there are no obstructions in the flue terminals and that the flue is safely fitted.
    • Gas pressure check – this will ensure your boiler is working at the correct pressure.
    • Boiler fired up – this allows the engineer to check for any working faults.

A boiler service should last at least 30 minutes, but the time will vary depending on the brand and model. Afterwards, the engineer will likely give you a service report, explaining what they’ve done.

How Often Should I Have a Boiler Service?

Manufacturers usually recommend a boiler to be serviced at least once a year in order to prevent any faults escalating. It may also be a wise decision to book your service in the summer time as availability for engineer appointment slots will be high. This will also make sure your boiler is ready for when the warm weather is no more.

What If I Don’t Have a Boiler Service This Year?

It is important to have your boiler serviced at least once every year. Not having a service could result in damaging the longevity of your system as certain faults may not be picked up unless the system is looked at closely.

How Can I Be Sure That the Engineers Are Qualified to Carry out the Service?

By law, anyone carrying out a service or repair on a gas boiler, oil boiler or AGA in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man or Guernsey, must be registered on either the Gas Safe or the OFTEC register. Home Response 360 only works with qualified, registered Gas Safe or OFTEC engineers.

What is a Gas Safety Check?

A landlord’s gas safety certificate is commonly referred to as a CP12. This stands for CORGI Proforma 12 and comes from the time when CORGI was the UK’s statutory gas safety body – nowadays, it is the Gas Safe Register.

Landlords must receive gas safety certificates once every 12 months, as outlined in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. Gas Safe Registered engineers must issue these certificates and check all flues and pipework within the property, as well as any gas appliances that were supplied to the tenants.

Which Appliances Require a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

There are several gas appliances that require a landlord gas safety certificate. If any of the following items are present in a rental property, they will need to be examined annually by a Gas Safe engineer:

  • Gas hobs and ovens
  • Portable LPG gas heaters
  • Any hand-held gas device
  • Gas fires and heaters
  • Flues
  • All associated pipework and fittings

What Are the Risks if I Fail to Carry out a Gas Safety Check?

Other than the legal repercussions, if a landlord fails to carry out their duties under the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, they could be putting their property and tenants at risk of fire, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning: Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas that is produced when incomplete gas combustion occurs in a faulty or poorly maintained gas appliance or flue. Commonly known as the ‘silent killer’, it is extremely dangerous, resulting in around 50 deaths and over 400 hospital admissions in the UK each year. All landlords should know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, and act quickly if their tenants report these symptoms.
  • Gas Explosions: If an appliance is not operating correctly, this could cause a gas leak. There are several cases of houses being destroyed by gas explosions every year in the UK.
  • Fire: Faulty appliances, poorly maintained pipes and incorrect fittings can all cause dangerous leaks, which could lead to house fires.

The best way to protect your properties and your tenants from these dangers is to have all gas or LPG appliances checked regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Are Landlord Gas Safety Certificates a Legal Requirement?

Although you could feasibly carry out annual gas safety checks in accordance with the Gas Safety regulations without having a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate, the law states that you must hold written evidence of the checks and provide a report of the condition of all appliances to any tenants. A landlord Gas Safety Certificate is the easiest way to do this.

How Will I Be Contacted?

The engineer that you have chosen to carry out the work will contact you by telephone with their approximate time of arrival.

What Locations do You Cover?

Home Response 360 Cover a wide range of areas across the UK. To see if we cover your specific area please enter your post coder after choosing the service, you’d like to receive.

Do You Employ Your Own Engineers?

Rest assured, knowing that Home Response 360 employ their own, Gas safe registered engineers.

Do the plan prices include VAT?

Yes. All the prices displayed on our website are inclusive of VAT.

How Soon Can an Engineer Attend?

Upon choosing the right service for you, provided we can cover your area, you will be met with available appointments.

What Happens If I Decide to Cancel the Job?

If you wish to cancel your annual boiler service/CP12, you can do so by contacting the Customer Service Department using the details contained within your agreement schedule. If you cancel within 14 days of receipt of the agreement and you have not received a boiler service/CP12, the agreement will be cancelled, and you will receive a full refund.

Are There Any Callout or Excess Charges?

Each service provided has a fixed price which is inclusive of any callout charges that would occur.

Are There Appointments Earlier Than the Ones Shown Online?

If the appointments given to you online are not to your availability, please contact us via our online chat who will be able to direct you further.

How Often Should I Renew my Gas Safety Certificate?

Gas Safety Certificate’s last for 12 months, so a safety check on all gas appliances needs to be done on an annual basis.

How Will I Receive My Service Report and Gas Safety Certificate?

After the engineer has visited your property you will receive an email with a report of their findings in your boiler service and/ or a Gas Safety certificate depending on your purchase.

How Many Appliances Are Checked During a CP12?

All gas appliances are checked during a CP12 and will be listed on your certificate.

Are Your Engineers Reliable?

All engineers employed by Home Response 360 are Gas Safe registered and adhere to the guidelines set out for customer safety.